Gratuitous Rumor Patrol: Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play The Holiday Killer In The Dark Knight Rises?


We’ve all heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to re-join his “Inception” co-conspirators Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan in “The Dark Knight Rises” in an as-yet-unnamed role. Conjecture and speculation have run rampant, like a late summer fire through underbrush made brittle and combustible by a long drought. Okay, enough cliché loligagging, I’ll get to the point. Here it is: the latest rumor to surface is that Gordon-Levitt will play Alberto Falcone, better known as Holiday, or The Holiday Killer, from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s arc “The Long Halloween”. Most importantly, remember this is just a rumor, an unsubstantiated rumor, at this point, nothing more.

“The Long Halloween” follows a series of murders that hit the Gotham City underworld, each of which occurs on a major holiday. It’s not 100% that Alberto is Holiday, both he and Gilda Dent admit to committing the murders, but the odds lean heavily in his favor. Alberto is also the son of mob boss Carmine Falcone, who appeared in “Batman Begins”, played by Tom Wilkinson, so the part already ties into the world created by the films.

This could be a really cool addition to “The Dark Knight Rises”. Holiday is a great character, “The Long Halloween” is an incredible story, and Gordon-Levitt would be a perfect fit for the role. My only question is where would they find room for this in a film that already has a pair of high-profile villains in Bane (Hardy) and Catwoman/Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway)? If Nolan does go this way, he runs the risk of shortchanging the characters and stories, and, if true, it feels a little like he’s trying to cram everything he likes into the franchise before he leaves. Though I have faith in Nolan, and if anyone were to try to pull this off, I trust that he would find a way.

What do you think about this rumor? Would it be too much for a single movie? Or do you like it?


So Comic Book Movie, the site that originally posted this rumor, pulled the article almost immediately, which more than likely means that it’s not true, not even a little bit. But hell, it doesn’t stop it from being any less fun to talk about. I’m still interested to hear thoughts on this possibility. If Gordon-Levitt isn’t going to be Holiday (I’m not sure how Bane would fit into the story, but Selina Kyle figures prominently in “The Long Halloween”, if they go that way), and if he does sign on, what who do you want him to be? Besides Robin. No one wants Robin.

So, to reiterate (like how I’m covering my ass?), Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Holiday is a rumor, just a rumor, and probably not true at all.

Thank you. Goodnight.

Author: Brent McKnight

Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt. On Twitter @BrentMMcKnight
  • KingSukhber

    WO WO WO!!!? What if they split the Dark Knight Rises into TWO MOVIES???????!!!!

    • Marc Ohhhh

      HAHA that’d actually be nice to see

  • a fan

    that would be great…in the first movie, we would see the dark knight almost at the end. Bane threaten´s Batman and Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle threathen´s Bruce wayne and Wayne Enterprises(spying on wayne enterprises and faling for bruce a little), Fox unsure if Wayne Enterprises would survive Batman´s problem´s, would be forced to act against Bruce, then Falcone Jr. brings a new dimension to the underworld and if this wouldn´t be enough, there is a ˝tiny˝ problem with the police department and gothams people…in the second movie we would see the ˝rising,˝ of the dark night. Solving one problem after another in a fashion, only batman is capable of…Selina Kyle would begin to help Bruce(becomes ˝Catwoman˝ aka a master thief who ˝nhurts˝ the mob), Gordon would help Batman as he always does. Of course it would be Alfred who would prevent ˝the fall˝ of the bat and would be the most immportant factor in ˝the rising˝ of It.

    • Dedpool

      Yeah but how does Bane fit into this little equation of yours.

      And rumor or not I think this would fit perfectly, if we aren’t going to have Talia in it to bring it full circle then Alberto Falcone would be good too. Juggernaut mentioned this as an idea a few days back and it was perfect casting. JGL would bring some weight to the character. He’d also be a good fit as to who hires Bane to get rid of the Bat problem once and for all.

      • Juggernaut

        That would be the angle I’d like to see. Maybe have Bane be a prisoner whom Alberto heard of during his prison sentence. Knowing his reputation, jhe hires Bane to eliminate Batman in order to reclaim his father’s throne as kingpin of Gotham!.

        • Shazam!

          What he said… except with more explosions, face punching and Ms. Hathaway in a leather jumpsuit.

        • Dedpool

          Actually i’d have Alberto never have gone to jail. I’d have him be almost legit, or at least that’s what people think as he distanced himself from his father and left Gotham to go make a name for himself, and has become quite the business man. of course it’s all a front and he’s become quite a powerful crime boss as well. And it’s through this he heard about Bane and hires him to take out the Bat and allow him to take over his father’s empire. Halfway through the movie Batman gets beaten pretty bad by Bane, and decides HE should be the one to run Gotham. Now with a full on gang war, Batman has to recover in time to stop the city from being dragged into hell. Meanwhile Selina Kyle, a prostitute who finds out she’s the illegitimit daughter of Carmine Falcone has taken it upon herself to exact revenge for not being acknowlleged as family, and is systematically robbing and sabotaging Falcone’s opperations. This is how Batman first meets her. Saving her life during one such instance. Inspired she dons a catlike costume to add further mystery to her endeavors.

  • Teru Kei

    Dedpool, your idea sounds really close to what i am thinking. Except for the Selina Kyle prostitution part, I doubt Nolan would go there. What I always wondered is, what about the guy who was going to confess Batman’s true identity. Wouldn’t the other criminals, the ones less sporting than the Joker, want to use him as a possible lead to get Batman?

    • Juggernaut

      I think that Nolan, being somewhat of a purist would include the prostitution angle. The rest of Dedpool’s synopsis sounds good. I like the idea of Alberto being of the same social level as Bruce. They could even be buisiness rivals adding to the duality. He’s not only fighting crime boss Falcone but buissiness rival Alberto as both Bruce and Batman! Having an equal to Bruce was what I found so appealing about both Hush and Strange. The Mr. Reese question is a rather good one. You’d think that he’d be offed by now! Lol. If not he would have turned to a life of crime. What I’d like to see is them include a refference to the series where Ventriliquist is trying to auction off Batman’s Identity. That would be cool! There were a lot of rumors circulating that Mr. Reese was in fact Riddler (Mr. Reese, Mysteries!) this was never confirmed nor denied. Same with the prisoner on the boat played by Tiny “Zeus” Lister in TDK. He was rumored to be either Bane or Killer Croc after the movie came out.

  • Lexavi80

    If not Holiday I would go with Tommy Elliot pre-Hush or a non-suited Dick Grayson. I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right to have to many villains. That is, of course, IF Selina Kyle indeed will be a villain. Maybe she’ll be just a tough broad in Bruce’s life.

    Anyway, he could also play a cop. What was the name of the cop that never show face in Frank Miller’s books?.

    • Juggernaut

      I thought that he may be playing either Alberto Falcone, Detective Crispus Allen, Harvey Bullock, Dick Grayson or Riddler in a Nolan swerve!