Green Arrow Finally Gets his Domino Mask. Happy?

Arrow's Domino Mask

For those of you comic purists clamoring to see Stephen Amell’s Arrow character in the CW’s breakout hit show “Arrow” slap that domino mask on his face to help protect his identity, clamor no more. (After all, when you have to lower your head so the person standing next to you can’t see your face, that sorta of cuts down on your field of vision, right?)

The CW will be giving Oliver Queen his mask in the episode “Three Ghosts”, the ninth episode and one of two Barry Allen-introduction episodes. You can check out Amell in his new get-up below.

According to producer Andrew Kreisberg, it won’t just be something Oliver just flippantly decides to slap on instead of his normal guyliner, but will be introduced organically into the show:

He doesn’t just put on a mask. It’s actually a big plot point in an episode, and there really is a story behind, not only the need for the mask but also who provides him with it. It’s going to be a little bit of a surprise, and once they see how the mask comes into creation, I think people will be really excited about it.

I’m guessing Black Canary gives it to him. Or something along those lines. He might even do the hair thing, go full blonde. After all, Black Canary’s disguise is like a million times better. She looks nothing like her civilian alter ego, unlike our billionaire playboy crimefighter, who you would think has a LOT more to lose if people discovered his superhero identity.

“Three Ghosts” is the second Barry Allen episode, following next week’s “The Scientist”. Does the birth of the Flash have something to do with the mask, perhaps?

Stephen Amell in Arrow - Three Ghosts

Via : EW