Green Arrow Movie Gets a New Title — Green Arrow

I always thought David Goyer calling his Green Arrow movie “Super Max” was kind of, well, stupid. Why would you call a superhero movie about the Green Arrow “Super Max”? It’s like making a TV show about Star Trek and avoiding the name “Star Trek” in the titles. Oh, right, never mind. Anyways, according to published reports on the net, it appears Warner Bros. has dropped “Super Max” and changed the title to just … “Green Arrow”. Wow, how did they come up with that one? Must have been a really meeting of the minds over there at the WB.

Geeks of Doom has more:

A while ago Latino Review showcased their thoughts on a script by Justin Marks for a David Goyer movie entitled Supermax: Green Arrow, a film where Oliver Queen — the Green Arrow — is sent to prison. The movie would depict him trying to escape, and dealing with the inmates, many of whom he had put there, or helped put there in his role as the Green Arrow.

According to IESB, it looks like the film has been renamed to just Green Arrow, which suggests to me that there will be at least a measure of Green Arrow in the film, compared to the almost complete absence LR had reported. Sanchez adds that the executives at WB are looking at Green Arrow, and the following movie, as possible contenders to join Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the only other film WB has for the tent pole position.

I was never all that big a fan of the Green Arrow. When you boil the character down, isn’t he just Batman without the darkness? Although I have to admit, after reading a recent Year One take on Green Arrow, where he’s betrayed by his embezzling bodyguard and left for dead on an island where he had to hone his bow and arrow skills or die starving, I’ve become sufficiently intrigued about a Green Arrow movie.

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