Green Hornet Delayed Again, Studio Will Lamely Convert to 3D

Ah, Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet”. It will either astound the world with its brilliance, or it’ll live up to all the pre-release hype of being a big ol turkey. I have heard almost nothing good about the film so far, which does not bode well for the expensive Sony picture. Now word from the studio is that they will push the movie back from its most recent December 22, 2010 release date to January 14, 2011. This marks the fourth time that the movie has changed release dates.

The reason for the move? Sony wants to convert the film to 3D. (I know, you’re shocked right now, huh?) In justifying the conversion to 3D, Sony domestic distribution president Rory Bruer barely managed to keep a straight face when he said this:

“[‘Green Hornet’ director Michel Gondry] always kind of shot it having the possiblity of having it in 3D in mind. It’s got a lot of depth and amazing visuals.”

Oh yeah, Rory, I totally believe you, man.

Anyways, because of the move for “Green Hornet”, Sony will now push back Scott Stewart’s “Priest” from January 14, 2011 to March 4, 2011. Great, I gotta wait two extra months to see Paul Bettany slay vampires because Sony wants to give me a 3D Seth Rogen. Lordy.

'Wait, what? Delayed again? Goddammit.'