Green Lantern Movie News Makes me Happy

I gotta tell you, I’m so sick and tired of news that two-bit comedy actors are being given properties from my childhood to “re-invent” without any regards to the tradition of said properties. I’ve already made it clear my distaste for the Green Hornet movie in the hands of a second-tier actor like Seth Rogen, and when news that Jack Black was going to be handling “Green Lantern”, I was obviously displeased. Black can be funny in the right parts, but dear God, don’t let him touch the Green Lantern. Thankfully, I can report that he won’t be.

CHUD recently talked with “Green Lantern” producer Donald De Line, who tells them that Jack Black is off the project.

First off, Green Lantern fans don’t need to worry – De Line confirmed that Jack Black is no longer attached, and that this version will not be comedic. He says that it’ll be the origin story of Hal Jordan, with all the heroics and action inherent with that character.

Greg Berlanti is currently writing the script, and has been for some time.

But the good news is that the Green Lantern will be Hal Jordan, not John Stewart. Nothing against Stewart, but if you’re going to introduce a comic book hero to the world, stick to the original. Save all that intergalactic stuff for the sequel (if there is one).

Hal Jordan