Green Lantern Set to Shoot in Australia

We don’t even know who will be slipping into Hal Jordan’s tights just yet (is it Chris Pine? Brian Austin Green, maybe? That skinny guy from “Star Trek” and “Terminator Salvation”?), but we do know that the film will shoot in Australia’s New South Wales thanks to that area’s 15% production rebate, along with a ton of other goodies that may or may not include free massages and corresponding happy endings. (That last part hasn’t been confirmed.) Does this spell the end for Canadian-shot Hollywood movies? Quite possibly, but that’s for film industry types to inquire, since it’s kind of, well, droll and too nerd even for us.

What is known about the live-action “Green Lantern” movie is that it will focus on the origins of Hal Jordan, the test pilot turned intergalactic superhero, who is selected by a dying alien Green Lantern to wear his ring after his death. “Casino Royale’s” Martin Campbell will helm the $150 million dollar picture for Warner Bros. from a script by Greg Berlanti and Michael Green.

According to THR, pre-production on the movie is set to begin in July, with filming scheduled to start in November. WB and DC Comics are planning to release the film into theaters on December 2010, which is a bit of a curious release date for a big comic book movie.

Now if they can only find themselves someone to play Green Lantern…

Below: This Green Lantern robs from the rich and gives to his bookie. But only on Sundays. He’s an NFL man, you know.