Green Lantern Writers Already Working on a Sequel, Flash Movie

Although the release of Ryan Reynolds’s “Green Lantern” is still a year away, that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from already starting work on a “Green Lantern” sequel. Heat Vision reports that the studio has hired original “GL” writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to get to work on developing not just a “GL” sequel, but also a treatment for the long-delayed “Flash” movie.

The idea is for the trio to then get to work on one of the projects, though it’s beyond me why the studio wouldn’t just let them write both. It’s not like the “GL” sequel is going into production anytime soon, while “The Flash” seems to be racing (ahem) to the finish line.

Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” is still shooting in New Orleans with a 2011 bow on the horizon, while “The Flash” has been stuck in development hell seemingly forever, with a lot of fits and starts and geek disappointments to its credit. It’s only in recent months that the Scarlet Speedster is looking like a sure bet to land his own movie courtesy of Warner’s new working relationship with D.C. Comics. Fingers crossed!