Greg Berlanti Talks Green Lantern 2, Compares The Flash to The Dark Knight

Once upon a time, Greg Berlanti was supposed to direct the “Green Lantern” movie. He eventually lost the gig to Martin Campbell, but has remained on the franchise, as well as adding Warner Bros.’ “The Flash” to his plate.

While doing press for the comedy “Life as We Know It”, Berlanti spilled on his appraoches to the “Green Lantern” sequel (Warner Bros. is very, very optimistic about the first movie), and the upcoming “Flash” film to the boys at SuperheroHype. As of right now, Berlanti is working on the treatment for the second “Green Lantern” film with writers Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, while at the same time pounding out the script for Barry Allen’s The Flash.

About the tone of the two movies:

‘GL’ is always a bit lighter than that on earth but mixed with a twinge of the space opera, which has its own epic qualities to it. ‘Flash’ as we’re getting into it is interesting, too. Though Barry Allen was a little lighter in the comic, I think because of the nature that he was a CSI and moved in this world of crime before this stuff happened. I think it’s tonally somewhere in between ‘GL’ and ‘Dark Knight.’ It’s actually a little bit darker than when we were working on (‘GL’), because you’re dealing with somebody who is already a crimefighter in a world of those kinds of criminals and that kind of murder and homicide. I find you talk a lot about different films when you’re working on a film, and we spend a lot more time talking about ‘Se7en’ or ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ as we construct that part of Barry’s world, then I thought when we got into it. It helps balance a guy in a red suit who runs really fast.

Interesting take on Barry Allen’s cop career, though I’m not sure how much of that is just a writer thinking way too much about stuff that will never make it into the movies. I don’t really see how you can make a movie about a dude in a bright red costume who runs super fast and still make it anything remotely like “Seven” or “Silence of the Lambs”.

He goes on:

A third thing I’d throw at you is alternate dimensions, so it’s true that we want to find the things that make it… With ‘GL,’ we used to say there’s a space opera component and then there’s the down on earth. In ‘The Flash,’ there’s the sci-fi component and there’s the crime component and it’s fitting those two things together, and the sci-fi thing, we obviously want to nail that and honor that and do that in a way that feels visceral and real and cool and probably more in the tone of ‘The Matrix” films or things like that. I always think of ‘The Flash’ stories where he met Jay Garrick and knows there was Earth Prime and things like that. There’s an avenue for these films to broaden the DC Film Universe in that way, so that’s the hope.

Great. D.C. practically destroyed themselves with that whole alternate universe stuff, and Berlanti thinks it would be neat to introduce that concept into the movies. Now I’m really convinced Berlanti is just throwing out “writer stuff” here, things that will never make it into the finished scripts.

He goes on to talk about possibility directing “The Flash”, but sounds non-committal. Which probably just means he’s hoping for the gig, but after losing out on “The Green Lantern”, he’s just hedging his bets. Who would turn down a chance to direct “The Flash”?

Green Lantern and his little buddy The Flash poses for a photo.