Greg Lamberson’s Slime City Massacre Oozes Onto DVD This May

Director Greg Lamberson’s gore-laden 80’s cheesefest “Slime City” remains one of my all-time favorite camp classics. Two decades and change after its original release, the film’s sequel, the aptly-titled “Slime City Massacre”, is finally on its way to DVD. Can Lamberson recapture the magic of the original installment, you ask? That remains to be seen. However, despite my reservations about watching a sequel to a movie made way back in 1988, I’m more than willing to give the flick its day in court. Here’s hoping I won’t find myself mired in cinematic regret. After all, that tends to happen when directors dip deep into their filmography in order to cash in on previous successes.

Need a story? Indulge:

A dirty bomb has decimated New York City s financial district and reduced midtown to a post-apocalyptic nightmare. The neighborhood known as Slime City has been evacuated, except for the homeless, and in the ruins of a soup kitchen four squatters discover a supply of food that transforms them into hideous slime creatures, driven to murder! Meanwhile, a greedy developer who has set his sights on Slime City hires a team of mercenaries to wipe out the creatures. It’s a battle royale between the Slime Heads, the mercenaries, and bloodthirsty mutant cannibals!

“Slime City Massacre” will attempt to separate you from your entertainment dollar on May 10th, 2011. The artwork and a trailer for the picture are resting below.