Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country is a Go at FOX

Comic books don’t all have to be about guys with underwear worn on the outside of their tights. Greg Rucka’s comic series “Queen and Country” is an example of that, as well as his “Whiteout”. And just like “Whiteout”, which is coming to you courtesy of Warner Bros. and starring Kate Beckinsale, Rucka’s spy series “Queen and Country” is also heading to theaters courtesy of FOX.

THR reports that FOX has hired scribe Ryan Condal to translate Rucka’s comic book series about a female British spy (a female version of Jason Bourne, so goes the pitch) into a movie that can spawn a franchise. The article also mentions that at one point Nicole Kidman was attached to play the lead, Tara Chace, though after reading up on the character, that seems highly unlikely at this point.

Here’s more about the comic book series from Greg Rucka’s official site:

An espionage drama, and ongoing series, set in the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service, focusing on a squad of three Special Operations Officers, codenamed “Minders”, and in particular, focusing on the life of Minder Two (later to become Minder One), a woman named Tara Chace.

I’ve never even heard of “Queen and Country”, but then again, it’s not like I read every comic book that comes out. This definitely sounds like it has the makings of a good franchise, even though I wish people would stop comparing every single upcoming action movie as being the “next Bourne”. Really, it’s getting annoying.

Talk about the kind of gal you don't take home to momma.

Talk about the kind of gal you don't take home to momma.