Gregory Lamberson Takes Us Back To Slime City

SlimeCity1Although I’m generally not a fan of opportunistic directors who revisit previous successes for new material once the creative well has run dry, Greg Lamberson’s follow-up to his gory 1988 cult classic “Slime City” has the potential to be something special. “Slime City Massacre,” which stars Debbie Rochon in addition to newcomers Jennifer Bihl and Kealan Patrick Burke, takes the concept touched upon in the first film and cranks it up several disgusting notches, which, if you’re going to a sequel 21 years after the fact, is the smart thing to do. The film also features cameos from genre favorites Lloyd Kaufman and “Document of the Dead” director Roy Frumkes, just to name a few. As a fan of the original, as well an unabashed follower of 80’s splatter cinema, I’m all sorts of excited. And because Lamberson is well-versed in the ways of self-promotion, there’s always plenty of new and interesting information available for consumption. Lucky me!

Here’s a quick plot summary from IMDb:

In the wake of a “dirty bomb” attack, a New York City neighborhood known as “Slime City” has been evacuated, except for the homeless (“displaced refugees”). Four squatters searching for food in the ruins of the Zachary Devon Soup Kitchen discover a supply of mysterious wine. When they drink the wine, they are transformed into hideous slime creatures driven to murder – an intermediate step as they are possessed by the spirits of cultists who committed suicide years earlier.

If nothing else, at least it’s ambitious. If you’ve never seen the original “Slime City,” do yourself a favor and pick up the recently released “Slime City Grindhouse Collection,” a DVD set which chronicles the prolific writer/director’s entire cinematic career. You can learn more the talented Mr. Lamberson’s entire body of work by visiting his official website Slime Guy. For those curious parties who love to feast their eyes upon movie-related artwork, check out the official “Slime City Massacre” poster below. It’s pretty snazzy.

The film is scheduled for release sometime in 2010.