Grier, Nielsen, Grey, Trejo, and Madsen Go for a Skinny Dip

Fans of 70’s exploitation films rejoice — Frankie Latina is bringing you “Skinny Dip”, which is set to star Pam Grier, Michael Madsen, Brigitte Nielsen, Sasha Grey and Danny Trejo.

The plot will find former porn star turned (sorta) respectable movie actress Grey playing an innocent lass who “takes an innocent dare, ends up terribly victimized and then seeks shotgun-wielding revenge while wearing a stolen police uniform.”

The film’s tagline? “They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge.”

And no, the irony of Grey (below) playing a “virgin” does not escape me. I’m sure that was the whole point of casting her in the first place.

Latina, a self-professed fan of 70’s and 80’s shlock, last directed “Modus Operandi” in 2009, which also starred Danny Trejo. He will direct “Skinny Dip” from a script by Norman Lasca.

The producers are shopping the film around in Cannes.

Jason Yee and Sasha Grey in The Girl from the Naked Eye (2012) Movie Image