Gritty New Trailer For Johnnie To’s Drug War


Louis Koo in Drug War (2012) Movie Image

Johnnie To is carrying the mantel for Hong Kong action cinema like no one else in modern times. On obvious heir to the icons of the bullet opera, a Johnnie To flick is sure to be jam packed with quick, brutal violence, crime, and highly stylized action pieces. His latest offering is “Drug War”, and from the looks of this new trailer, he’s up to his old tricks. Gritty, full of rapid gunfire and slow-motion bullet wounds, and awash in ominous, villainous looking gentlemen, “Drug War” should be a good time for Asian action fans.

Here’s a synopsis:

Captain Zhang (Sun Honglei) and his team will stop at nothing to track down drug criminals. When drug lord Timmy Choi (Louis Koo) is captured, he is offered a deal to help Zhang bust a major drug ring. But Captain Zhang doesn’t trust Timmy Choi is truly betraying his partners. He becomes more and more suspicious as steps are taken to raid the ironclad drug factory…

“Drug War” is reportedly To’s first film shot in mainland China, and from all appearances, he was able to stay true to his style and subject matter, while working within their strict framework of rules and regulations.

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Author: Brent McKnight

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  • Nix

    Damn. I haven’t seen a Johnnie To movie in a while and that looks GOOD.

    • Brent McKnight

      I know, this looks like it could rank up there with some of his best.

      • Nix

        The last film of his I saw (re: wanted to see) was Vengeance. It was good, but kind of average in terms of Johnnie To crime movies.

        • Brent McKnight

          I actually liked Vengeance quite a bit. Not his best, but it had some great moments. That junk yard shootout was fantastic. I really like Exiled, which doesn’t seem like it gets the love a lot of his other movies do.

          • Nix

            Vengeance was not bad but it was highly derivative of his past works.

          • Brent McKnight

            That is definitely true.

    • Tin Hoang

      it has real potential anyway. no complaints from the trailer.