Guess Who Else Will be in A Good Day to Die Hard? (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

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Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard (2007) Movie ImageWe already know that the latest “Die Hard” movie, since titled “A Good Day to Die Hard” will find John McClane (Bruce Willis, back again) teaming up with his all-grown up son Jack (to be played by “Spartacus'” Jai Courtney) and battling bad Russian guys in Moscow.

But who else will be making an appearance in the latest installment?

According to an actor name Ted Cross, it’s someone very close to McClane. Cross writes on his blog that he’s playing a CIA agent in the movie, whose character appears toward the end of the film. Besides the fact that the CIA will be inserting their shady noses into “A Good Day to Die Hard” (not a surprise, given the usually world-threatening plots of the “Die Hard” films), but he also spoils that a certain character from McClane’s past will also be returning.


That mysterious returnee would be Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played John McClane’s daughter Lucy in the last movie, “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Cross writes:

I got to work with Bruce Willis again, which is always nice. The best, though, was that I got to work with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Willis’s daughter.

According to Cross, the scene with Winstead comes up toward the end of the movie, which makes me think Lucy McClane will only have a cameo appearance in the film. Hopefully it won’t involve her being in need of saving, since that was basically her entire role in the last movie.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” is being directed by John Moore (“Max Payne”), and is set for 2013.

UPDATE: Moviehole has set pictures of Winstead with Willis on the set of “A Good Day to Die Hard”. So maybe it’ll be more than just a cameo after all? Looks like she’s dropping him off at the airport, probably to go bail Jack out, then she shows up again at the end to pick them up, perhaps?

Bruce Willis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the set of A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image

Bruce Willis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the set of A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image

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  • DrSftpork

    I was hoping for Carl Winslow… I used to always imagine that the Die Hard and Family Matters universes were interlinked, and that was the one day that Carl refused to talk over with Harriet. It would also explain why Carl appears to have post traumatic stress syndrome, and why he hates Steve so much. A Good Day For Family to Matter…