Guess Who Has a Surprise Cameo in The Dark Knight Rises? SPOILERS!!

I know that Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan want to maintain as much secrecy as they can with their “Batman” movies, but let’s face it, the more they try to keep this thing hidden, the more people want to know. Frankly, I think that’s the whole plan. They WANT us to want to know, that whole theory of, “What you can’t have, you desperately want”, etc. Hell, it’s working. Who doesn’t want to know everything they can about Nolan’s third (and possibly last) Batman movie?

And so, with that in mind, here’s a little info about a surprise cameo in “The Dark Knight Rises” that you may want to STOP READING NOW if you’d rather preserve the surprise. I’m warning you, turn back now. Frankly, if you’re averse to “The Dark Knight Rises” spoilers, I would just avoid any articles on the movie on the Internet, cause there’s going to be one or two nuggets drop here and there that might ruin your day.

Having said that, proceed at your own risks.

According to the boys at Hitfix, none other than Liam Neeson has recently shot a cameo as Ra’s Al Ghul, his character from “Batman Begins”. In the first Batman movie, Al Ghul not only trained Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) to essentially become Batman, but he also ended up being Batman’s main enemy.

Hitfix is unclear if the scene with Neeson as Al Ghul is a flashback or a current scenario, but there you have it, expect to see Neeson back in the Nolan Batman fold for the third film.

I suppose in a way this isn’t really too much of a surprise, especially given the casting of Josh Pence as a young Ra’s Al Ghul, and much speculation that Marion Cotillard is in fact playing Talia Al Ghul, the new leader of Al Ghul’s villainous The League of Shadows, in disguise. Or not.

Who knows, really? It’s all speculation until the movie opens July 20, 2012.