Gugino, 4 More for Goyer’s Unborn

Looks like the cast of David Goyer’s horror movie “Unborn” has just ballooned significantly, with news that Meagan Good, Carla Gugino, Jane Alexander, Idris Elba and Rhys Coiro have joined the cast that originally only included “Cloverfield’s” Odette Yustman and the always great Gary Oldman. Good will be slotted as Yustman’s bestest bud, while Gugino will play her — gasp! — mother. Seriously? Carla Gugino is now playing people’s mothers? Egads. Where has all the time gone?


Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are producing writer-director David Goyer’s tale of a girl (Yustman) tormented by the soul of a boy who died in the Holocaust.

Good (“The Love Guru”) will play the girl’s best friend, and Gugino (“Spy Kids”) has been cast as her mother. Alexander will play a Holocaust survivor whose brother’s spirit is returning.

Elba (“American Gangster”) will play a priest who helps Rabbi Oldman perform exorcisms. Coiro (HBO’s “Entourage”) is the college professor of Yustman’s character, and Cam Gigandet will play her boyfriend.

Well, at least here’s one movie Bay’s Platinum Dunes isn’t remaking. I guess we can be thankful that, at least.

Gugino, 4 More for Goyer’s Unborn