Guillermo del Toro May Finally Get At the Mountains of Madness Made. Or Not.

Guillermo del Toro really, really, really wants to do an expensive, studio-backed adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”, and it’s likely he might have even had Tom Cruise waiting to star. Apparently Del Toro’s desire, and Cruise’s potential attachment, haven’t been enough for Universal to greenlight the picture. Which may mean, according to Deadline, that Del Toro might just end up doing another space monster movie entirely — the high-concept “Pacific Rim”.

Of course, word is that Del Toro would jump back on “Madness” if Universal finally got off their ass and gave him the money to make it. Failing that, he might end up at Legendary doing their “Pacific Rim”, another sci-fi/monster movie that would seem tailor made for someone of Del Toro’s interests.

So what’s the sticking point on “Madness”? The budget and potential “R” rating, apparently. Universal, as with all studios, would rather have a PG-13 movie for anything over $100 million. Del Toro is asking for, at least, $150 million and an “R” rating. Alas, neither side have been able to overcome that impasse.

Which means Del Toro may end up directing “Pacific Rim” for Legendary/Warner Bros. instead. Personally, I’d love to see that, though I’m sure Lovecraft fans may feel differently. But after skadooshing away from New Line’s “The Hobbit”, I would imagine Del Toro is getting anxious to return behind the camera sooner rather than later.