Guillermo Del Toro Ponders Saturn and the End of Days

Man, it sure is hard to pin down Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro, but then again, isn’t that what makes him so good and so seemingly fresh everytime he comes out with a new movie? His latest, according to the boys over at If It’s Movies is a pseudo sci-fi movie called “Saturn and the End of Days”, which will follow a kid name Saturn, who is running errands as the end of the world is taking place around him. Join the club, Saturn, that’s a Monday for me!

If It’s Movies quotes Del Toro as saying this about the movie at Comic-Con:

“It’s like, what would happen if the Apocalypse was viewed by you [while] doing errands. You go back and forth and nothing big happens except the entire world is being sucked into a vortex of fire.” Del Toro said. “The small movies you have much more control. If I say this is the design of the fawn and the girl is going to do this or do that, that’s me. In Big Hollywood movies, you get a 50-page memo. It’s horrible. Independent filmmaking is like drawing a comic book, the Hollywood movie is like having five hands holding your hand while you’re drawing the comic book.”

This is probably not really sci-fi, but more of a small, indie movie centered around this kid, as the end of the world takes place in the background. Or maybe the “end of the world” is just a metaphor. Who knows. It should definitely be worth watching, though.

Guillermo Del Toro to Direct Saturn and the End of Days