Guillermo del Toro Seeks Monsters at HBO

Guillermo del Toro

Man, Guillermo del Toro loves him some monsters. Big monsters. Small monsters. Monsters from your worst nightmare. Monsters from outer space. Monsters from the sewers. Monsters from the bottom of the ocean. Basically, if it’s dangerous and wants to eat/stomp/kill you, Guillermo del Toro has an interest in it.

Naoki Urasawa's Monster MangaThe director’s latest quest for monsters has landed at HBO with a possible ongoing TV series based on the manga “Monster” by Naoki Urasawa. The property, which has already been adapted into an anime series in 2004 (see an intro for the show below), was supposed to be a live-action Hollywood film at some point, but that apparently fell through. Now, del Toro has teamed up with former “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” writer Steven Thompson to turn the property into an HBO series.

“Monster” would chronicle the “worldwide search by a young doctor for the most evil sociopath that has ever lived. He is a 12-year old boy, and the doctor’s decision to save his life has unwittingly unleashed a Pandora’s Box that leaves the doc battling to stop a plot of mass genocide.”

Evil 12-year olds? Sounds like every kid on my block.

Thompson is expected to pen the script with del Toro, who plans on directing the pilot episode. The operative word here is “plan”. Del Toro plans on doing lots of things that never actually happens. You can’t blame him, the guy is really enthusiastic about things that he finds interesting.

We’ll see how it all shapes up, but if this goes to series at HBO, it would be del Toro’s second monster show on the air, counting FX’s “The Strain” series, based on the trilogy of horror novels del Toro co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. (Okay, so I don’t really know how much del Toro actually wrote of the three novels, to be perfectly honest with you. Dude is uber busy, ya know?)

Via : Deadline