Guillermo del Toro Would Direct Maleficent if They Asked Him


Guillermo del Toro is currently prepping his big-budget, sci-fi action flick “Pacific Rim”, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already thinking about his next project. Or, next few half dozen projects, give or take. One of those movies del Toro wouldn’t mind adding to his plate is Disney’s “Maleficent”, a re-telling of the “Sleeping Beauty” story, but this time from Maleficent’s point of view. Tim Burton was attached to direct for the longest time (with rumors of Angelina Jolie’s involvement to boot), but Burton has left the project, and Disney has yet to assign a new helmer.

Speaking to Hero Complex, del Toro makes it pretty clear that, if given the chance and opportunity, he would jump at directing “Maleficent”:

Let me put it this way, if they ask I’ll take the meeting. I think Maleficent’s dragon is the only design with the wings separate from the front legs, the only time that design has ever worked. And let me tell you how much of a fan I am. I have a collection of over two or three dozen Maleficent figures, some of them four or five feet tall. I own about 10 pieces of conceptual art from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ that include the dragon and a lot more pieces that are just from ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ It’s one of my three favorite Disney films. I would love to. But I don’t want to put too many hopes on it. They’re probably on a fast track and I cannot take any more projects on a fast track.

Dude certainly knows his Maleficent, that’s for sure.

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I just read that, according to Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, there is no shot at a Hellboy III movie with Del Toro directing. While I understand why, it sucks.
    The guy is up to his elbows in projects tha much is for sure. But I really like Del Toro’s directing style. It is a perfect fit for the Hellboy world. Hopefully there will be another one someday.

    • Dedpool

      Yeah. His vision and dedication really helped make thoe movies work. However the inclusion of the love story baffled me an by the second film it was just a bit much. Other than that I loved them. Own em both and the animated films.

      • Shazam!

        I agree with both of you about Hellboy – but with regards to this article – I just wish the dude would finish a movie! Whoever his manager is (or family or whoever manages the dude’s sched.) they need to help the guy with his time management! Maybe he’s ADD or something and can’t focus on a project long enough to finish them? : ) From one ADD to another that is…

        • Dedpool

          Del Toro’s issue isn’t that he pics too many projects per say but that all of them are at their earliest stages and he ends up waiting and waiting and then finds something else. He needs to find something with a script, and producers and settle down.

          Sent on the go.