Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain Book Trilogy Will Become a TV Series on FX

The Strain Novel CoverHuh, this is a surprise. I thought the idea behind “The Strain” books was to make a movie trilogy, but if Guillermo Del Toro is to be believed, he and co-writer Chuck Hogan always envisioned turning the three novels into a TV series with a limited run of 3 to 5 seasons.

Says Del Toro:

Once the third book was published, we went back to every cable network that expressed interest, and we pitched the series. FX made the most sense, based on the level of commitment, passion and understanding of the concept of the book. They got behind the idea of making this a close-ended series; we wanted to follow the books closely and so it couldn’t be open-ended, but rather three to five seasons max.

For those who have never read it, “The Strain” is the first of the three books, followed by “The Fall” and closing with “The Night Eternal”. In the trilogy, a master vampire arrives in New York, where it begins amassing an army of vampires to take over. Fighting against the vamps are Eph Goodweather, an official at the CDC with father-son issues; Abraham Setrakian, a World War II concentration camp survivor who has a long history of fighting the vampires, and this master vampire in particular; Vasiliy Fet, a pest exterminator who discovers that something is afoot underneath New York; and Gus Elizalde, a gangbanger who becomes an important soldier against the vampires.

The first and second book detail the main characters coming together to fight the growing menace, and also explores the history of the vampire race. Eventually, other master vampires join the fray, and it becomes a real battle royale of humans and vamps fighting together and against one another. “The Strain” is easily the best of the three, with “The Fall” being good, but “The Night Eternal” is borderline bad.

But yeah, I can definitely see the books being turned into a TV series, similar to what AMC is doing with “The Walking Dead” in a lot of ways, though that show is open-ended, where it seems Guillermo del Toro is eyeing a maximum of 5 seasons for “The Strain”. To help get it up and running, former “Lost” showrunner Carlton Cuse will call the shots, while Del Toro will co-write the pilot script with Hogan, and plans to direct as many episodes as he can.

So yeah, unlike that “Hulk” TV series that will never get made, “The Strain” definitely sounds like it’s happening.

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Via : Deadline