Gunplay Takes Center Stage in the Latest Clip from The Girl from the Naked Eye

Director David Ren’s 2012 actioner “The Girl from the Naked Eye” is being billed as a film noir martial arts flick, though you won’t find much evidence of either in the latest promotional clip that’s currently making the rounds. All you get is a conversation taken completely out of context and a little bit of gunplay — that’s about it. Why release a promotional clip that doesn’t properly promote what your product is attempting to sell? If I didn’t already think this film had promise, I doubt I’d give it a second thought. Boggles the mind, it does.

Enough bellyaching. Have a look at this synopsis/press release:

When a high-class escort is murdered, her protector, Jake (Yee) stops at nothing to find her killer. Leaving a bloody trail in his path, Jake risks everything to uncover the truth and avenge the death of the woman he loved. THE GIRL FROM THE NAKED EYE takes audiences through a thrilling action-packed ride in the underground world of sex and drugs where nothing is what it seems and everything is deadly. Film stars Jason Yee, Ron Yuan, Dominique Swain, Samantha Streets, and Sasha Grey.

The film is stylized and action-packed, paying tribute to Park Chan-Wook’s OLD BOY. Jason Yee is a former super-middle weight, kickboxing and kung-fu champion and a 2 time U.S. Team member. His experience and skill elevated the GIRL FROM THE NAKED EYE, bringing authenticity to the action thriller.

“The Girl from the Naked Eye”, which stars Jason Yee, Ron Yuan, Dominique Swain, Gary Stretch, and Wilson Heredia, kicks home video in the crotch on July 24th, 2012. The wonky promotional clip, as well as a pretty snazzy trailer, have been embedded below.

Via : Twitch