Guns, Muscles, Babes, and Shia from the Transformers 3 Set

Guns! Brawny Army guys looking badass! Babes standing around! Shia LaBeouf looking terrified and trying not to get blown up!

Yup, looks like pictures from the set of the latest Michael Bay-directed movie to me. Check out some images from the set of Bay’s “Transformers 3” via JustJared, currently blowing up everything in sight for a July 2011 release date. Glad to see that new eye candy — er, I mean, female co-star — Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is getting into the swing of things. She looks appropriately attractive and in desperate need of saving.

The other notable face in the pics is that of Tyrese Gibson, who reprises his role as Robert Epps in the franchise. And if Epps and Army guys are around, I reckon Josh Duhamel can’t be too far from the set as well.