Guy Pearce in Talks for Iron Man 3

Guy Pearce in Lockout (2012) Movie ImageWell this is kind of surprising. Guy Pearce is currently in talks to join the growing cast of Marvel/Disney’s “Iron Man 3”.

Pearce would play a character name Aldrich Killian, a scientist in the six-issue “Extremis” arc written by Warren Ellis in the “Iron Man” comics. Killian is the co-creator of a new technology called Extremis, which falls into enemy hands. Ben Kingsley was previously cast as the film’s villain, someone involved in “the spread of a virus through nanotechnology.” I’m guessing he’s in charge of the said terrorists.

I say surprising because you usually don’t hear about someone like Pearce, a Hollywood actor in his prime, signing up for what sounds like a throwaway cameo in a big comic book movie. This sounds like something you could hire just about anyone to play. Unless, of course, Killian has been rewritten to have a more beefed up role in the movie. I mean, look at Pearce in the sidebar pic. That look like the body of a throwaway scientist role to you?

The “Extremis”, which rewrote Iron Man’s origins, was also used as the basis for Jon Favreau’s first “Iron Man” movie, transferring his origins from Vietnam (in the old comics) to Afghanistan.

“Lethal Weapon’s” Shane Black is writing and directing “Iron Man 3”, which is set to go into production by May on location in North Carolina and, eventually, China. Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark aka Iron Man, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle.

Guy Pearce just released “Lockout” in theaters, and has a role in Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, where he plays head of Weyland Industries. I guess you could say that Pearce is continuing on that whole “mad scientist” angle with “Iron Man 3”.

Iron Man Extremis Comic Book

Via : Variety