Guy Ritchie Back on Sgt. Rock, Back to WWII

Guy Ritchie has been attached to a “Sgt. Rock” movie since 2008, but in 2009 it sounded like Ritchie was done with the comic book WWII movie, and “Constantine’s” Francis Lawrence was in.

Now it appears Ritchie is back — and not just back, but he plans to make “Sgt. Rock” his next movie after “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

The boys at Twitch says that Ritchie and Warner Bros. are lining Sgt. Frank Rock up as Ritchie’s next project post-“Game of Shadows”. Ritchie is said to be currently “supervising” the current draft of the script, with plans to set the movie in WWII where it belongs and pit Rock and the boys of Easy Company against those dastardly Nazis, unlike Lawrence’s idea, which was to bring the characters into the modern age (or perhaps even into the future).

Though Rock seems capable of some superhuman feats during his adventures, he’s not a superhero, but just a really badass Army Sergeant. So in that respect, the movie would probably resemble your typical “guys on a mission” World War II movie instead of a superhero film, despite the character’s comic book roots.