Guy Ritchie Not Offered Xerxes After All?

Remember when I said the site Vulture has about a 50-50 record when it comes to movie scoops? Well, you can put their “Guy Ritchie offered Xerxes” scoop in the negative category. Or at least, if EW is to be believed.

According to the latter site, they’ve reached out to Warner Bros., who tells them that reports of Ritchie being offered the “Xerxes” gig because WB was not happy with how Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” has been received by test audiences are “an erroneous rumor”.

Without a doubt, studio spokesmen have lied before, but it always did seem a tad rushed to me that WB would take “Xerxes” away from Snyder, who has been working on the project for years now. Of course, that studio spokesman didn’t say that Snyder still had the job, what with the now-priority “Superman” reboot taking up much of his time.

Either way, expect no movement on “Xerxes” until “Superman” flies on the big screen again. Or hell, maybe when Frank Miller finally finishes that comic book sequel he’s been working on already.