Hail Caesar! More Hairy Planet of the Apes Sequel Rumors

The last time we heard anything regarding a rumored “Planet of the Apes” sequel/reboot/remake whatever you want to call it, it was a proposed remake of 1972’s “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes”, the time-travel movie that went back in time to explain how the apes came to rule over the planet Earth in the first place. The reboot, it was said, would leave out the time travel storyline, and focus on an intelligent ape name Caesar who, because of evil humanity’s treatment, revolts and, you know, breaks stuff. So what’s the latest big rumor? That Scott Frank may be directing the possible remake/reboot. Maybe.

Here, I’ll let CHUD break it all down, being that I’m kind of lazy and what have you:

Well, I got scooped by Production Weekly. Their latest issue has the news that [“The Lookout” director Scott Frank] is writing and directing the film, and that it’s name is no longer Genesis: Apes (or Planet of the Apes: Genesis, as it was also called) but simply, regally, Caesar. Caesar, of course, is the name of the ape who leads the rebellion against the humans in Conquest.

Like the Genesis: Apes script, Frank’s movie will eschew the time travel aspect of the original series and will present Caesar as a chimpanzee whose intellect has been stimulated by genetic experimentation. And while I’m sitting on most of the information my source divulged, I will say that Frank’s vision doesn’t include six foot tall chimps. Don’t expect this to be an ape suit movie.

Expect the flick in 2010. If it happens at all, that is. At this point, who exactly is clamoring for an Apes sequel/reboot? I thought Tim Burton’s version sorta killed all need for that, but I could be wrong.

Below: See, this is what happens when you give apes hats.