Hailee Steinfeld is Armed and Dangerous in First Barely Lethal Images

Barely Lethal (2014) Movie Title Banner

Get your first look at Kyle Newman’s teenage hitman (er, hitgirl?) movie “Barely Lethal” in two new images, featuring star Hailee Steinfeld as the teenage assassin busting caps in people’s asses and apparently throwing around Jessica Alba. Looks like Jess didn’t learn much from her “Sin City” or “Spy Kids” days. Samuel L. Jackson is also present and accounted for, no doubt screaming obscenities at our little star. Or is this a PG-13 movie?

Too bad they couldn’t get Chloe Moretz to star in this movie. Then they could have just called it “Kick-Ass 2.5: Hitgirl Returns to School”.

Raised since birth to be an undercover agent, Megan has secretly longed to be a normal teenager. To that end, she fakes her own death and takes up residence with an American family as an exchange student. However, Megan soon discovers that, while thwarting assassins and taking out operatives can be challenging, so, too, can high school…

Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Alba, Sophie Turner, Thomas Mann, Gabriel Basso, Dove Cameron, and Toby Sebastian.

Shooting sometime in 2014.

Hailee Steinfeld and Samuel L. Jackson in Barely Lethal (2014) Movie Image

Hailee Steinfeld and Jessica Alba in Barely Lethal (2014) Movie Image

Via : EW