Halle Berry’s The Call Might, Uh, Call Again

Halle Berry in The Call (2013) Movie Image

Never one to let a good sequel go untapped, WWE Films is looking at a possible sequel to the Halle Berry serial killer thriller “The Call”. Which makes perfect sense, since the Brad Anderson film (featuring an honest to goodness movie star/actress in Berry and not one of their homegrown “actors”/wrestlers) is currently the studio’s highest grossing film to date, with nearly $50 million in the bank (from a $13 million budget).

Variety, which has a long (but interesting) article about how WWE Films is trying to re-invent themselves in the world of film distribution, makes a sequel to “The Call” a possibility, but doesn’t confirm that it’s actually happening.

They needn’t have been so hesitant. Let me clear it up for you: WWE Films is making a sequel to “The Call”.

Hell, they’ve made not one, but two sequels to the Jon Cena actioner “The Marine”, and that film was a bust in theaters. Even if Berry doesn’t come back, you can pretty much pencil in “The Call 2” coming sooner rather than later to a theater near you. Or possibly direct-to-DVD. They’ve done plenty of those, too.

So if you liked “The Call” in theaters, congrats, you will probably get a sequel. That’s the good news. The bad news is, chances are Berry might not do a sequel (though you can never say never when it comes to sequels and a paycheck).