Halloween Remake Sequel Gets Directors Not Named Rob Zombie

So how long before the rebooted “Halloween” franchise becomes just as tired and pointless as the original franchise? I’m betting on #3. Until then, #2 is coming your way, but without original (so to speak) director Rob Zombie, who has skipped out of Haddonfield and been replaced by French guys Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, who were supposed to direct the “Hellraiser” reboot. I guess you could say they just changed one boot for another. Get it? Ahem. Anyways, the news of new directors, and a sequel to the remake, comes to you courtesy of the blokes at Arrow in the Head.

A couple months ago I mentioned that Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (the team behind the brilliant INSIDE) may have been in talks with Bob Weinstein and Dimension about continuing what Mr. Zombie had started. Now, thanks to an article in Rue Morgue Magazine, we have further confirmation that this is indeed the case! Here’s a brief snippet of what was said:

“it’s a proposition we couldn’t refuse,” Maury explained and added that he and Bustillo are well aware of Zombie’s re-imagining of Michael Myers and they’re out to put their stamp on the character, not copy what came before them. “Therefore, our vision will be done with utmost respect, with a continuity of [Zombie’s] work but also a real evolution of the world he set in place.”

I still give this thing until sequel #2 before it all goes to hell. And back again. Then back to hell one more time.

Wait, has Michael Myers gone into outer space yet? They could save that for #3.

Halloween Remake Sequel