Hallucinatory New Clip From Valhalla Rising

Honestly, I haven’t followed Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming action/adventure “Valhalla Rising” very closely, and for that I am truly ashamed. Having taken a good, hard look at the clip below, the film seems like something I would thoroughly enjoy. However, I don’t fully comprehend what, exactly, is happening in the embedded clip, though this may have more to do with my complete ignorance about the project than anything else. Still, I’m getting a strong “Begotten” vibe from the feature, which is very much a compliment to director Refn and star Mads Mikkelsen. As soon as this time creeps into North American cinemas, I’ll be all over it. Assuming, of course, someone actually snaps up distribution rights.

Huge thanks to Twitch for finding the clip.