Halo 3 Promo Images and Live-Action Footage

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I have played both Halo games, and though I found them to be entertaining, I wasn’t really one of those people who were wetting their pants at the thought of a live-action movie version, to be directed by Peter Jackson, no less. As it turns out, that movie never happened, and seems to have died. Or did it? Crave Online has a nice live-action video, maybe some kind of test footage, that they aren’t quite sure what it’s for. I’ve found the YouTube version and have posted it below for your viewing pleasure. Crave also has some images that, again, looks like promotional stuff for the upcoming Halo 3 game.

Here’s one of the images from CraveOnline; visit them for more:

Halo Movie Images and Test Footage Online

That Halo live-action footage: