Hancock 2 Gets Writers, Possibly Fast-Tracked

Will Smith in Hancock (2008) Movie Image

It was just last week that we posted a story about “Hancock” director Peter Berg throwing out ideas for a possible sequel to his 2008 movie with Will Smith. He also mentioned that if Columbia Pictures had their way, they would definitely try to fast-track the sequel. Berg must be psychic, because a week later, Columbia is doing just that, and according to THR, has hired writers Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to pen a “Hancock 2” script.

“Hancock”, which starred Smith as a boozing former superhero vilified by the press and public for doing more damage than good when he hops into action (the result of his constant drunken state), grossed a whopping $624 million worldwide when it opened last year despite nearly unanimous mediocre reviews. I’ve mentioned before that I thought the film had promise, but it felt rushed, and there was no proper villain for Hancock to battle. Plus, immortal Gods? What was that about?

Of course, just because Columbia Pictures is itching for a sequel doesn’t mean Smith and Berg are at their beck and call. Berg seems to have a gazillion projects going on at the moment, and Smith is pretty choosy about his movies, so even though writers are onboard, it may take a while before the sequel itself progresses beyond the scripting stages. Then again, it did take the first movie 12 years from script to screen, so what’s a few more years for a sequel?

One of the new writers, Fierro, has written for The Shield, 24, and Showtime’s Dexter. Mazzara counts among his writing credits the TV shows Life, The Shield, and Hawthorne, which incidentally stars Will Smith’s better half, Jada Pinkett Smith.

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