Hannibal Rides Again in a New Mini-Series for the History Channel

Halle Berry in Die Another Day (2012) Movie ImageFrom, of all people, Halle Berry, who will serve as the mini-series’ executive producer. What exactly does such a role entail? I haven’t a clue, but when THR announced the development of said mini-series, she’s the one they got a quote from. So I guess it means something.

No word if she’ll be taking part in front of the camera, though.

The mini-series is being developed for the History Channel, with “The Constant Gardener’s” Jeffrey Caine writing the script. This means the mini-series could move forward or get the shaft. It’s officially just being “considered”.

“Hannibal”, we’re told, will “kick off in Carthage, in 264 B.C., at the beginning of his life in North Africa and goes through the second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. Hannibal and his archrival Scipio Africanus take a sacred vow to destroy the other and the nation he served. However, despite their firecely opposed allegiances, the two are brought together and grow to respect each other as brothers.”

Brothers who want to kill each other and sack the other’s cities and burn their nation into the ground? Talk about taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level!

This “Hannibal” mini-series is not to be confused with NBC’s gory “Hannibal” serial killer show, or that “Hannibal” movie Vin Diesel has been talking about making for the last two decades.

Hannibal Barca Bust

A bust of the real Hannibal. It’s not nearly as impressive as executive producer Halle Berry’s.