Harbinger Movie is Kinda (Sorta) Still Alive

Harbinger Comic Book“Harbinger”, a movie based on the Valiant Comic Book from the ’90s, would make for a really good movie — if it’s written as smart enough. The comics were really smart, and epic, and frankly, those two things just don’t get done on a regular basis in Hollywood anymore.

In any case, the last time we heard about a possible “Harbinger” movie it was waaaaaaaay back in the Roaring 2008s, back when men were men and everyone wanted to be MC Hammer. Back then, Paramount Pictures had set their sights on adapting the comics, with none other than everyone’s favorite fanboy demi-God Brett Ratner attached to direct.

Flash-forward to 2013, and “Harbinger” is now back with Valiant Entertainment Group, the current iteration of Valiant Comics, with the comic publisher still intent on making it happen. To that end, they’ve hired Stephen Susco to bang out a script for them. This is a great hire if you want super smart superhero movies. After all, Susco is the writer of two “Grudge” remakes, “Red” (not the cool “Red” about the old CIA fogeys, but the one about the dog), and of course, “Texas Chainsaw 3D”, a film so Texas Chainsaw-y, they dared to slice off the “Massacre” part and replaced it with “3D”, cause that’s how great the script was, dammit.

Brett Ratner is still being eyed as a possible director, though honestly, that seems like a longshot. Unless, of course, he really, really loves the Jim Shooter comics, in which case yeah, I could see him sticking around for five (or six) years to direct this thing. Who knows what transpires in the mind of The Rat?

If things do go swimmingly and the film does get made, it will follow the exploits of a young man name Pete Stanchek, a teenager with crazy psychic powers who leads the neverending battle against a power-made Japanese dude name Harada.

Harbinger Comic Book

Harada is the pervy looking old dude in the suit, in case you were wondering.

Via : Variety