Hardwicke’s Gothic Little Red Riding Hood. Plus, 21 Jump Street

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You know, for a woman in her ’50s, Catherine Hardwicke sure does a lot of movies about teenage girls in love. Then again, after “Twilight” she might be a tad typecast as the director of moody, Gothic teenage love stories with supernatural elements. Her latest is exactly just that: a “re-imagining” of the Little Red Riding Hood story, this time with a (predictably) Gothic take, and will involve a teenage love triangle at its core. But wait! Instead of vampires, this time it’s werewolves. Okay, one werewolf, apparently.

Variety reports that Hardwicke has signed on to direct “The Girl With the Red Riding Hood” for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way shingle. Later in the article, it mentions that she’s also got “21 Jump Street” on her plate. This is apparently the same big-screen adaptation of the TV show that made Johnny Depp a star, and is currently being developed and written by that fat kid from “Superbad”.

One presumes (or is that hope?) Hardwicke will manage to squeeze in a Gothic love story with a teenage girl in the center into “21 Jump Street” as well.

Let's face it, Little Red Riding Hood has been asking for it.

Let's face it, Little Red Riding Hood has been asking for it.

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