Harold and Kumar Get Superpowers — Er, I Mean, it’s Superseeds!


What if stoner buddies Harold and Kumar got superpowers? Well, they’d probably be a little like writer/director Kholi Hicks’ “Avery and Pete: Superspeeds”, an indie comedy/superhero movie with definite potential (stick with it, the trailer gets progressively better). The film stars Ricky Faust and Keye Dusan Chen as buddies who stumble across pills that grant them cool superpowers, and features Cody Deal (late of “The Almighty Thor”, not to be confused with that other Thor guy) as the sorta villain. The trailer features plenty of slick CGI, especially for the budget Hicks and company had to work with. According to producer/co-star Teresa Decher, they were working with a $17,000 budget. You could probably buy a bag of peanuts with that on a Michael Bay movie set.

Set in an urban, modern-day, economic-distraught Los Angeles, Superseeds follows best friends and roommates Avery and Pete in a race to curtail disaster in their city. Two months tardy on rent and with a third closing in swiftly, the duo–accompanied by their hair brained friend “Mouse”—steal a supply of marijuana from Pete’s ex- employer to sell and profit, in hopes of clearing their rental debt. In the process, they unknowingly take the fruits of a Mad Scientist’s labor.

Now, having sold the discovery-of-the-century, prior to uncovering the truth themselves, they must locate their friends and recover the missing merchandise before its bi-polar creator comes gunning for them–literally.

Starring Ricky Faust, Keye Dusan Chen, Teresa Decher, Justin Cone, Cody Deal, Anna Roberts, Tony Blondell, Adam LeBow, and Devon Stewart.

No word on distribution yet, but definitely keep an eye out for it at a film festival near you. You can keep track of the film’s progress at its Official Site and Facebook page.

Author: Nix

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  • clarkspark

    It shows promise, we shall see.

  • Danmillion99

    what a load of _________

    Is it – A) Crap, B) Poo, or C) Shit?

    • Anonymous

      How about D) All of the above…plus vomit.

      Damn does that logo suck.


    Looks like a fun time. Kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And I certainly enjoyed that one too.


    Looks like a fun time. Kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And I certainly enjoyed that one too.

  • Tieuellegacy

    Looks like the film is growing legs. Tieuel Legacy! Motion

  • Anon Anon

    I worked on this piece of crap. The director is this freakish dork who doesn’t know shit about writing. This movie is just stupid. Stoooooooopid.

  • Neuron Burner

    Have you seen the directors hair???? He looks like one of the characters from this. Hes like a total idiot stoner with the hair of one of those gnomes you put on a pencil. and check out that lame-ass CGI logo! The color, the shape, the lighting just screams junior-high-student-CGI.

    The title sucks. The very name superseeds is just lame lame lame lame lame. The asian dude in the film seems alright but the plot is beyond lame. I think this guy is lucky that special effects have gotten easy enough that hack morons can now pretend they are filmmakers.

    I have no interest in this. I like Harold & Kumar very much but this is like photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy that someone then scribbled a mustache on and said their art was original. What a jackoff.

  • Jesuit4000

    17K budget is tiny but I don’t see why that excuses the filmmakers from creating a compelling plot, casting actors who can act or learning how to light well. This trailer is so uneven. A few well executed visual effects don’t hide the rest of the flaws. And those flaws require talent not money.

    Get back on the short bus Kholi. Let us know when you grow up and actually learn how to make a movie. Can we PLEASE not make us sit through film school crap anymore?