Harrison Ford and Hailee Steinfeld to Help Save the Universe in Ender’s Game

Hailee Steinfeld“Ender’s Game” is starting to heat up.

First there was that confirmation that “Hugo’s” Asa Butterfield (you gotta love British last names) had landed the lead role, that of Ender Wiggin, a genius kid in a future Earth whose gaming skills help to save the universe from a warring race of hive, ant-like creatures called Formics, or Buggers.

Today brings news that “True Grit’s” Hailee Steinfeld and Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford are linked to two major roles in the upcoming Gavin Hood-directed movie.

Steinfeld is currently in talks to play Petra Arkanian, described as “the only girl in Salamander Army who quickly becomes Ender’s ally and trusted right hand,” while Ford, fresh off the sci-fi disaster “Cowboys and Aliens”, is up for the role of Colonel Hyrum Graff, the man in charge of the movie’s elite military academy where Ender and Petra do their thing.

Ford is just one of many veteran actors up for the Graff role, though Steinfeld’s involvement is more solid.

Hood (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) will direct “Ender’s Game” for Summit Entertainment from a script that he co-wrote, based on the Award-winning novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card.

Harrison Ford

Via : Variety