Harrison Ford in Talks to Appear in New Star Wars Movies

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

It looks like you can count on seeing Han Solo back in at least one (if not more) of the new “Star Wars” movies that Disney is currently cooking up, though I suspect he might also pull a cameo or two in that rumored Han Solo stand-alone film as well (if, that is, the rumors prove true and we do get a Young Han Solo standalone movie).

Originally reported by Latino-Review, it appears rumors of Ford picking up his space blaster for another go’round as Han Solo, infamous, untrustworthy smuggler turned respected Rebel commander has more than just a grain of truth to it after all.

Geoff Butcher of EW has chimed in with his own source on the matter:

So yes, it appears Ford and Disney are in communications about the actor reprising his famous role in the new “Star Wars” movies.

Why stop with Ford? It should also be Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher reprising Luke and Leia, too. There’s really no reason NOT to have all three major characters back, if just to tie the new “Star Wars” films with the old ones.

Then again, if Ford doesn’t want to do it, maybe they can get Christopher Walken to stand in…