Harrison Ford is Way too Old for This Shit

So word from IESB is that Harrison Ford signed a three-picture deal when he originally signed on for Indiana Jones 4, which means he expects his last hurrah as the adventurous archaeologist to last three movies, at least. Also, apparently Shia LaBeouf, who is quickly taking over Gerard Butler’s role as “guy who is in every movie from now to eternity”, has signed not just for three movies, but FOUR. Yes, that’s right. The powers that be apparently believes they can spin this latest Indiana Jones adventure into a trilogy plus one. Methinks they’re being overly optimistic. What is Harrison Ford now, 80? No, wait, according to IMDB, he just turned 65 YEARS OLD!!

Seriously, folks, why do people think watching a 65-year old man running around punching Nazis is going to be fun? There is absolutely no reason why “Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods” or whatever they end up calling it is going to be good or even semi-decent. You can throw as many stunt doubles you want in place of Ford, but at the end of the day, you’ll still have to convince yourself a 65-year old guy is capable of beating up Nazis (and apparently aliens!).

And if they actually get Ford to fulfill his 3-picture deal? He’ll be 70 by the time the last part of their trilogy gets made.

I mean, seriously, folks, do you really want to see your grandfather running around with a whip pretending to fight Nazis?