Harrowing New Full Trailer for The Tower

The Tower (2012) Movie Image

See, this is why I don’t go into buildings with more than 5 floors. You just never know what might happen, and when it does, I kinda like the option of jumping out the window to safety. Granted, I’d probably bust my legs doing that, but at least I’ll live. Unlike the poor bastards in the new South Korean disaster flick “The Tower”, who are trapped in a skyscraper 108 floors high. Check out a new, English-subtitled trailer for the film. Mind you, not that you actually need subtitles to know what’s going on. Basically, the fit has hit the shan, and it’s time to jump.

At Tower Sky building, the super-luxurious landmark building complex, fire bursts out during a so-called White Christmas party. Fire started when the helicopters which supposed to sprinkle the snow above the building clashed. Firefighters are swiftly sent to save all the tenants and VIP guests in the building.

Starring Seol Kyeong-gu, Son Ye-jin, Kim Sang-kyeong, Kim Seong-oh, Park Cheol-min, Song Jae-ho, and directed by Kim Ji-hoon.

South Korea gets it later this month. Stateside fans of disaster movies will have to wait a while for CJ Entertainment to set a date.