Harry Potter Writer Hops Onboard Akira Live-Action Movie

Apparently Warner Bros. hasn’t given up on adapting Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira” just yet, because they’ve just shelled out some bucks to bring over “Harry Potter” writer Steve Kloves, who adapted seven of the eight “Potter” films to the big screen, to do some work on their live-action “Akira” movie.

Albert Hughes of the Hughes Brothers has been attached to direct the film for a while now, though no stars have emerged along with, apparently, a script that the studio is happy with. Leonardo DiCaprio has also been attached as producer for the longest time, and if he really wants this thing to get made in our lifetime with the right budget (i.e. a huge ass budget) he’ll also sign on to star. That doesn’t look like it’s happening, though, as ol Leo has been on something of a producing binge the last few years with most of those projects never seeing the light of day. I guess he just really likes attaching his name to stuff that doesn’t get made.

Time will tell if “Akira” actually ever gets made, or becomes yet another one of those “everyone wants to make, but no one could get it done” films that languishes for decades in development hell.