Harvey Dent is DEAD! He Won’t be in The Dark Knight Rises! Probably.


Of course, this would be more concrete if Aaron Eckhart, who played Dent aka Two-Face in “The Dark Knight” would, you know, come out and 100% guarantee that Dent won’t be in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Which, from what I can gather, he’s not actually saying. Or maybe he is? I’m so confused.

Anyways, here’s what Eckhart told ThePlaylist while doing press for “Battle: Los Angeles” on the subject of “The Dark Knight Rises” and Harvey Dent’s role (or lack thereof) in it:

“Harvey Dent is dead,” confirms Eckhart for the umpteenth time. But when asked if he had any involvement in the next film, he replied, “How can I possibly answer that question? That would be career suicide.” When asked if he’s had conversations with Christopher Nolan about the next film, he re-iterated, “I won’t say that, but I will say Harvey Dent is dead.” If we had to guess, we’d say the character’s legacy might be mentioned but the actor himself won’t be in the film. And while fresh word keeps cropping up about Eckhart having a possible cameo, everyone seems to forget that back in December the actor revealed that Nolan told him directly he wouldn’t be featured in the film.

Of course, as grim and gritty as Nolan has turned the Bat’s universe, it’s still a comic book universe, and dead people have a habit of coming back in comic book universes. And Eckhart sure is going to great lengths to parse his statements in regards to the question of whether Two-Face will be back or not. If I had to guess, I’d say that Dent is indeed dead, but this wouldn’t necessarily preclude a cameo by Eckhart as either Two-Face or Dent ala flashbacks, hallucinations, etc.

Added: Dedpool mentioned this in the comments section. Perhaps Harvey Dent is dead, but NOT Two-Face? It would make sense, since Eckhart seems very intent on repeating that “Harvey Dent is dead”, but he never once says “Two-Face is dead”. Maybe Dent the good guy is “dead”, leaving only Two-Face, the villain? Just a thought.

We’ll all find out soon enough when the Bat rises in 2012. (Oh, who am I kidding. We’ll find out well before that, so stay tune, Bat fans!)

Dammit, for the last time, I'm not in The Dark Knight Rises! Maybe.

Author: Nix

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  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

    Still saddened they killed him off. I was really hoping they’d go the “Harvey is dead” route, but still have “Two Face” very much alive. It owuld’ve been nice to see him go from searching for vengeance to full on murderous psycho vigilante, but only those who’s crimes ended the lives of others. Ah well.

  • Brian

    I haven’t seen TDK for a bit, was there any absolute confirmation that he had no heart beat after the fall? I hate being the guy to speculate hardcore on things like that but who knows, if he was technically still alive then they could bring Two-face back I suppose. But what’s been said by Nolan and Eckhart doesn’t really support that theory.

    • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

      No him not having a heartbeat wasn’t confirmed, and thats exactly what I said. It’d be great to get him back in some capacity, but if not I’ll still be happy.

  • ulik

    If Aaron Ekhart actually made that statement, then that means Two-Face IS’NT dead and WILL make some sort of appearance in TDKR. Otherwise Ekhart would have said “Two-Face is dead and he won’t be in TDKR.PERIOD.” I predict a conversation in Arkham between Batman and Two-Face. Maybe Two-Face might know some info that Batman might need.

    • Juggernaut

      That makes perfect sense! I definately think that only Harvey is dead, not Two-Face from what Eckhart keeps saying. That would be great in my opinion. However he’d have to be in some different, secret jail or asylum because the whole reason that Gordon and Batman decided to tell the city that he was dead and Batman killed those people was to keep Harvey in a good light and keep Gotham’s hope alive. Having Harvey alive and in a mental institution or jail would contradict that. Who knows maybe Eckhart is just F@*king with us! Lol!

    • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

      Yeah but he’s been going back and forth for a while. It was said by both Nolan and Echart at one point that “Two Face is Dead.” Then no word unitl the casting started and boom here we are again. I’d love to see him in a cameo, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Falock

    personally i have no need to see him back on screen we got the best part of his journey, beyond that he becomes another man who kills according to twos and while that may be fun i would never want to see him as a main villian in the third movie, though there’s always the possibility that he could be brought back as a member of the gauntlet that the dark knight must run. in any case as a main threat i think unlikely, but who knows besides nolan.