Has Kane and Lynch Replaced its Director?

Folks over at Cannes saw plenty of Kane and Lynch — the poster (below). The film itself hasn’t even gone into production yet, and is scheduled for 2011 with Simon Crane directing. Or is he? According to the blokes at Latino Review, Crane and the studio have parted company, and the studio has been looking for a replacement. F. Gary Gray of “Law Abiding Citizen” was approached, but he turned it down, and now the studio is in talks with “Running Scared” director Wayne Kramer to take over, though no deals have been made.

Crane was attached to the film for the longest time, so you gotta wonder why he and the studio decided to divorce. Kramer is a stylish director, and Gray is more than capable, so either men would be a solid replacement.

Millennium is looking to get in the film in production by August.