Has Kenneth Branagh Found his Thor?

Has Shakespearean guy Kenneth Branagh found the perfect actor to play his 20-something Thor? Maybe, maybe not. But it sure looks like a perfect fit, doesn’t it? The actor in question is one Alexander Skarsgard, son of Stellan, who you might remember as the villain in pretty much every movie you see him in. Alexander Skarsgard is 6′ 4″ and has the perfect blond Swedish complexion that would fit Thor to a “T”.

News of Skarsgard as a possible Thor candidate comes from Latino Reviews, who was sent an email by a scooper telling him about a restaurant meeting between Skarsgard and Branagh. LR goes on to opine:

I heard rumblings around town with some of my pals about this guy, but until now I didn’t have anything concrete to go on and chalked it up to mere fanboy speculation on forums. Unfortunately, I never seen an episode of Generation Kill nor True Blood but the guy does seem to fit the profile (at least physically) of what the breakdown described of Thor when Patrick at Corona Coming Attractions reported it.

I had no idea that actor Stellan Skarsgård had a son who is also an actor and stands a towering 6’4”.

Something else to consider: Both Branagh and Skarsgård are repped at the same agency.

I mean, just look at the picture. This guy just looks like a 20-something Thor even before wardrobe gets their hands on him. He’s definitely tall enough, and has the physique to bash people’s head in with a hammer. I haven’t seen any of his TV shows or movies, so I haven’t a clue if he has an accent that would compliment Thor’s flowery prose.