Has LEGO Revealed the Man of Steel’s Secret Villain? **SPOILERS**


Once again- this is a potential spoiler, so if you come to this website just for reviews, avert your eyes!

Still with me? Good.

It appears that director Zack Snyder may have been hiding an ace up his sleeve, in the form of a secret villain. While Michael Shannon as Zod has been out for a while now, it appears the staff at Screen Crush may be forcing Snyder’s hand.

Via CinemaBlend:

Screen Crush spotted a curious hint about Man of Steel within LEGO’s latest release of upcoming play sets, and among many kits for Superman and Iron Man enthusiasts noticed a toy called “Superman Black Zero Escape.” For those unfamiliar with the complex world of Superman comics, Black Zero is an extraterrestrial saboteur whose crime of choice is annihilating planets, like Superman’s home planet Krypton and also maybe Earth.

Things just got a little more interesting. A team-up? A 3-way brawl? Perhaps the final reason for Supes to don his definitive duds?  It may be even deeper than that.  Here’s a little background info on the villain of the hour, courtesy of dc.wikia.com:

Black Zero is the name of several entities in the Superman mythos.  The original was a super-villain directly responsible for the destruction of the planet Krypton.

You know, a certain General Zod may not be too pleased with Black Zero either, come to think of it…  How do you think it will play out?

When it comes to Black Zero punching out Krypto the Super Dog, I hope Zack Snyder is as faithful to this particular comic panel as he was to the source material for “Watchmen.”



Via : DC Wikia