Has Leo Pulled Out of Mel’s Viking Movie?


I gotta admit, the idea of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio swinging around a Viking broadsword while Mel Gibson directs is pretty tempting, and the duo certainly seemed enthuse about making a film that both seemed very excited about when the project was announced last year. Of course, this is Hollywood, where one’s excitement is short-lived from project to project. Take Gibson’s Viking movie, which according to RadarOnline might now be in jeopardy now that DiCaprio has supposedly pulled out.

The site quotes unnamed sources as saying there is “not a chance” that DiCaprio will still star in Gibson’s movie in the aftermath of the writer/director’s current, er, issues with his current ex-wife.

Of course, this is Hollywood we’re talking about, where a man who drugs and sodomizes an underage girl still gets plenty of support from the acting community at large, so I doubt if Gibson’s movie will be delayed for very long, with or without DiCaprio onboard.

Don't worry, Mel, the Beaver still loves ya.

Author: Nix

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  • Brian

    I'm getting tired of hearing things about “Mel's career is over” or “Mel will never work again” come on people he had a conversation with someone on the phone, it was taped illegally and now he's getting flack left and right. How many people can say they haven't had a conversation on the phone they don't want someone to hear? Nobody can.

    Personally I hope there is a chance Leo will be able to stay with this project. Moth Mel and Leo are extreme talents and them on together for a viking movie would be total win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Ilovemovie

    To be honest I don't like the way Mel Gibson's treat him. She told the reporter she scared this,she scared that,that's why she record Mel Gibson. My question is, why the heck is she stayed there for if she afraid Mel Gibson gonna do something stupid to her? Why don't she leave the house in that time? I believe she know how Mel Gibson attitude is when he not in himself,that is why she took advantage and recording him to show the world. She probably don't get what she want,that is why she did that to Mel Gibson. It's probably her idea to revenge Mel Gibson.She probably up to something. I mean,in reality who doesn't get piss-off sometime in the family,asked yourself? The only thing is they don't record their privacy to CNN,NBC,Yahoo,YOUtube etc. Mel Gibson is just human being just like all of us. He's is not Jesus Christ or Buddhist,he has emotional which is normal for human being. The man has a feeling just like the rest of us. And don't expect him to play god!,period. Also, what the heck is wrong with Leo? I thought he was in the same boat,why the heck he talk trash about Mel Gibson for? That's between Mel Gibson and his family is not his? I hated when the same actor talk trash to another actor. That's just playing lame. I don't really care how famous he is,but for someone privacy just leave them alone.

  • Ilovemovie

    I mean Mel Gibson's girlfriend. My bad if any miss typo.