Has Lexi Alexander Been Confirmed as Punisher 2 Director?

The “Punisher 2” rollercoaster ride continues. We reported a while back (here) that Lexi Alexander’s name had risen as a potential director for “Punisher 2”, replacing our hoped-for John Dahl, and now the blokes over at Arrow-in-the-Head has “confirmed” that Alexander (“Hooligans”) will indeed be directing “Punisher 2” in Montreal, Canada. They cite a source “in the production” of the movie.

Now on first blush it may seem like a suicide run to give the director’s chair to a chick (if confirmed, that is), but take a gander at Alexander’s resume via Imdb.com:

A former World Karate and Kickboxing Champion, Lexi Alexander found her calling to become a filmmaker while traveling around the world competing and teaching martial arts seminars. Born in Mannheim, Germany, Lexi dreamed of eventually moving to Hollywood and made it a point to attend every karate tournament that took place in the United States. Finally at age 19, after winning the Long Beach International Karate Championship, Lexi decided to stay in California, equipped with nothing more than two duffel bags and a pair of boxing gloves.

Pursuing her dream of becoming a filmmaker, Lexi enrolled in the renowned Joanne Baron Studio of Dramatic Arts and the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory while simultaneously taking classes in directing, producing and writing at UCLA. To finance her education and living expenses, Lexi worked as a stunt woman specializing in martial arts, giving her the opportunity to learn about the filmmaking process from a practical side as well. Her short films, Pitcher Perfect, about the struggle of a teenage baseball prodigy, and Fool Proof, another teenage comedy, as well as several school projects, opened the door for many commercial assignments, most notably for extreme sports companies.

Lexi combined her extensive knowledge of boxing with her passion for filmmaking in her third short film, the 2003 Academy Award-nominated Johnny Flynton, the true story of a boxer who was accused of murdering his wife and convicted on circumstantial evidence, focusing on the moral ambiguities that surround all aspects of professional fighting. In the fall of 2003, Odd Lot Entertainment optioned Lexi’s original screenplay, Greenstreet Hooligans, and by the spring of 2004 they were prepping the movie for production in London.

So what does this say about her? One, she’s a tough broad, and two, she’s a determined and tough broad. And as I hear, her movie “Hooligans” was pretty violent, so she can do violence.

Plus, when you think about it, can she possibly screw up the Punisher anymore than Jonathan Hensleigh did? I think not.

And anyways, without Thomas Jane back, what’s the point…?

Has Lexi Alexander Been Confirmed as Punisher 2 Director?