Has Marvel Already Assembled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Well yeah, probably, since they own the characters and all, so of course they’ll be assembling the upcoming “Avengers” movie with all the characters they currently have rights to. That includes: Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, The Hulk, and Iron Man. According to Wikipedia, that’s slightly off from the original comic roster, which included Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk, with Captain America joining soon thereafter. But hey, this is the movies, not the comics, and who wants to see the Wasp as an Avenger? Hell, who wants to see bloody Ant-Man, for that matter? He controls ants and stuff. Wow. Ants.

In another USA Today article, they ran down all the possible Avengers line up for the movie, tentatively scheduled for 2011.

If the comic book Gods are in our corner, Jon Favreau will hop onto “Avengers” after “Iron Man 2”, but that’s a big “if”, considering that Marvel is being mighty ambitious with their movies, and has “Iron Man 2” slotted for 2010. A year is not exactly a whole lot of time for movies that are guaranteed to be as huge, production-wise, as the Iron Man and Avengers films. Then again, Favreau has been talking about possibly making “Iron Man 2” an “Avengers” movie, so that could work. But would Marvel approve of that, or would they want to squeeze as many movies out of their properties as possible before hopping onboard the Avengers?

Here’s what Favreau said about the possible line-up for the Avengers movie:

Favreau says the team’s lineup has changed throughout the years, “but the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that.”

More from Marvel’s side:

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ president of production, confirms that he’s working toward the day when “heroes can cross into each other’s adventures and occasionally team up if there’s a foe too great for any one of them to handle.”

He and screenwriter Zak Penn (X2: X-Men United, Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk) are uniting to get Avengers in theaters by summer 2011.

If Marvel is smart, they’ll ditch the Ant-Man movie and concentrate solely on Thor and Captain America, with the Avengers waiting in the wing. But hey, they probably paid Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”) a lot of money to write and direct, so a comical comic book superhero (it would have to be, right? with Wright involved, and the movie being about a dude who can shrink into the size of an ant?) could be good for a lark. Maybe. If this thing does end up being made, despite all the fanboy love for Wright, “Ant-Man” will probably bomb. Remember: It’s a movie about a guy who can shrink into the size of an ant! (Yeah, yeah, later he becomes Giant Man, but come on, when the title of the movie is “Ant Man”, it’s about him shrinking into an ant.)

Here’s an idea for an Avengers movie: The Hulk goes nuts, and the Avengers have to form to take him down. With or without the dude who can turn himself into the size of an ant.

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