Has Paul Greengrass Quit Bourne 4? For Now, Yes.

So reports the boys at The Playlist. According to them, this is actually old news, as Greengrass apparently quit the sequel last week, but the site has been gathering more info for the article. It’s, you know, journalistic integrity or something. In any case, according to the site, the main bone of contention (or in Hollywood parlance, “creative difference”) seems to stem from the fact that Universal foot the bill for Greengrass and Damon’s Iraq War movie “Green Zone”, something the studio was loathe to do given that, well, not a single Iraq War movie has made a profit, or come even close, but did it anyway to keep the two men happy and put at the studio for a “Bourne 4”.

Matters, says the Playlist, were further complicated by the fact that “Green Zone’s” budget is now rumored at around $150 million, and the studio is probably looking at a big loss unless the movie bucks the trend and does well, which, even with “Bourne” boys’ record, seems highly unlikely. They can make “Green Zone” look as much like another “Bourne” movie as they want, but it’s still about and set in Iraq, and the country still hasn’t found the stomach for that part of the world in their entertainment range just yet.

And oh yeah, apparently there are two scripts, and two writers on “Bourne 4”, and Greengrass only knew of one — George Nolfi, who also wrote “The Bourne Ultimatum”, and is currently directing Bourne himself in the sci-fi “The Adjustment Bureau”. Greengrass, it is said, was a tad bothered by Universal bringing onboard a second writer, Josh Zetumer, to pen a completely new script without consulting Greengrass first. Frankly, you can see why Greengrass is miffed. After all, he did shepherd two “Bourne” films to their biggest box ofifce take yet, and Universal is not giving him the respect he believes he’s due.

So what happens now? Who knows, but if Universal is smart, they’ll dump Zetumer’s script and go with Nolfi’s and make Greengrass happy. Why bow down to Greengrass? Well, for one, Matt Damon would be more willing to come back if his buddy Greengrass is also back. After all, it’s not like Damon is hurting for quality movies at the moment and needs “Bourne 4” on his resume…

Remember, Matt, we're BFF, so if I walk, you walk. Pinky swear?

Remember, Matt, we're BFF, so if I walk, you walk. Pinky swear?